The shifting phase




How many of you have come across this phase of life? I believe that everybody who have curiosity and wants more out of life can have this phase early or late depending on the amount of actions he takes. Well, what actually is this wakeup call? At certain level of time, life offers and shows many mysterious things which urge us to question why things happens the way it happens always. That is the time you should pay attention to what your inner self is guiding you to follow. If you succeed in doing so, you will be guided to the right path of life.



Asking questions is a powerful way to gain new insights and perspectives that will change your life. There is a place within each of us that is totally connected to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. In this place lies all the answers to all the questions you would ever ask. This comprised of 5 questions I myself have ask and I hope many amongst you will find it familiar to realize the potential within you and start living a life you love.


  1.   Who am I?


          Answering this question will help you identify your core values so that you can begin to live them visibly every day. People love to label themselves after the word “I AM” like I AM a professor/Doctor/Engineer etc etc. However beyond this, there is something which doesn’t need any labels. And in any case you remember who you are, you remember that you are powerful and NOTHING can stop you. You began to realize that you are totally untouched by birth or death, you are a limitless being, expecting from an unlimited source in an unlimited way. Living your values will help you be the person you want to be and accomplish your goals and dreams.


“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment” – Lao Tzu


  1.   What is the meaning of life?

Manypeople opt for a mindless mere existence like getting a job, getting married, having family, saving for that wildest dream to manifest and getting retired. Living a very ordinary kind of life, just doing what everyone else does, thinking & acting only and when it’s required, just to survive. It all may be indeed a part of our purpose; however there is something deeper, something really concerned with contributing your share to the world. I believe that each one of you has a definite reason for being here and gifted with a unique gift to perform that share on this planet. It’s important to realize that each of us is free to choose that direction of our life and your job is to figure out that.


       “The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.” – Swami Vivekananda


  1.   Why are we here?


We are here because we exist & so as the humanity. Why not a few act for the sake of humanity? True brotherhood, harmony, peace and globalization in its highest form and an urge to serve this world in any possible way available is what should come out when you connect being here. Many people live a life that others have planned for them. In doing so, they set aside their own dreams and desires. However, a conscience call from within will always give you an indication when you are in the wrong path, majority tend to ignore this call. If you feel that something is wrong, definitely something is really not right; learn to trust your inner self. Yes, it can take courage to live on your own terms, but your happiness depends on it.
“I’m sure you have a theme: the theme of your life. You can embellish it or desecrate it, but it’s your theme, and as long as you follow it, you will experience harmony and peace of mind.”- Agatha Christie

  1.       What are my priorities?


Having a positive attitude and to take proper care of our body. After all, the body is the only place we have to live through life long. It has ways of communicating with us and letting us know when things aren’t going so well. The problem is we frequently don’t listen to our bodies. In fact, it is often only when something really terrible happens that we pay attention. Start to listen to what your body is telling you, and then change your lifestyle as needed.

No matter how tough a problem seems to be, you can always find its easiest solution when you have a positive attitude. Whenever you feel trap, trust that out of this, only good is there & everything will be easily resolve. The more your negative thoughts and patterns are overcome, the more you will find doors that open to only good experiences. Positivity overrules all kind of issues; be positive!!!!
Health is like moneywe never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” – Josh Billings



  1.    Who can help me?


Whatever it is you want to change in your life, someone has almost certainly done it before. Look for such people and learn from them by reading their books, subscribing to their blogs, listening to them talk or even take their coaches. Follow the foot-steps of such people who you want to become; however avoid duplicity, because the original is always worth it. In fact, become someone of your own originality “the most unique” and “the most different one”. Be that “unique role model” for other people to follow and do inspire a lot along the way. Alternatively, you may just need some support – don’t be afraid to reach out to close friends and ask for assistance.
We all find our own space, our own path and our own true self. See you somewhere down the line, when we are a little older, a little wiser and a little happier.”-Unknown

                                         Wish you all the good luck!!!!










About Deepa Virtue444

There is so much to know about life....So,I decided to share some of my views on it.
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  1. A first piece from an amateur blogger……

  2. Thank you so much!!!!! I am glad…it really means a lot to me!!!

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